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    Modification Shop and Mechanic Locations

    Hi guys, Thought it would be good if we could list our local/favourite mechanics and their shop locations for others. Maybe what you like about them eg, prices, mechanics knowledge and ability.... I would start off but i haven't found a good one here in Bali yet. If anyone can help me that...
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    brake-in techniques

    i've just purchased a T135 and am currently running it in, currently at 100kms. I've given it full revs in 1st, 2nd and 3rd the first time i rode it. Haven't had an opportunity to get it to full throttle in 4th, busy Bali roads. Thinking i might pull it back a bit for the next couple of hundred...
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    Yamaha T135 Series Owners Indonesia

    Is there anyone here from the wonderful island of Bali that knows of a good motor variasi shop. My previous experiences hasn't brought satisfaction.