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    My humble T135 exciter :D

    damn i wish the koso gauge were sold here in malaysia its fucking Marvelous
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    BRT cdi!!!!!

    hey PHL6684 what i know is that the BRT Dual Band has a switch rite.. 1 for topspeed 1 for accel hmm does it give u more power when u switch it to topspeed?
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    Does Top Speed Decrease Day By Day????

    hmm..my bike felt aweful after and accident i had.. and the top speed is kinda decreased its hard to get 140km/h... be4 its so easy i can even get 160km/h but takes 2-3 kilo distance
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    do u think its already good For the YZF-R15 to have a SOHC

    guys..i know im a greenhorn in this world of motorsport :wink: but i wanna ask ur opinion about the New YZF-R15 ..i've seen the R15 only have SOHC.but compared to the CBR150R with DOHC..i heard that R15 only can run 145km/h and the CBR150R can run like 160km/h+++ what u guys thing..is...
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    Rubber brands and quality

    Maxxis Tire Are quite Good..they cost u RM130 for both rear and front(stock size) Dunlop here in Penang can get it RM130 also for both and same stock size..jeez Andi'n dut..u are rich BT39 cost RM250 here and its size also only 90/80 available..dont know whether got 80/90 or else..
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    YZF-R15 Specs

    sorry i miss type..what i meant is..it must be great when it comes to cornering :wink: sorry :oops:
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    YZF-R15 Specs

    Love this bike when it comes to cornering
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    nak carik moto 135LC la

    lol bro goff..get a hold for urself..maybe bro rudduan thinks ur mad at him eventho u dont write any bad sentence..lol chill out guys^^
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    how much is yamaha YZF-R15

    if its possible i want the R15..hehe i dont want to mod the FZ150i if i have it :wink:
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    how much is yamaha YZF-R15

    hey..why people always say that the YZF-R15 will not come to malaysia..erm if it comes to malaysia..it would be a rival to Honda's new CBR150R..
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    chain for t135

    I heard that 415 chain is not really good for long distance trip..428 is already good for us..15/39
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    im new in racing pls anyone tip me in properly modifying

    im not good in this bro..maybe u should PM Kirana,traxxas-Modifier,Goff dp,Rudduan..they are pro'er in this^^..sorry..cheers
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    Hey does anybody have ever tried to change ur speedometer

    that's what i told u..im asking whether u guys have ever convert ur metre be4 or not..if u ever convert it..then show me..how it looks like..no offence^^
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    Looking for Nob1SSS

    erm..in here malaysia they're selling it for 180-200MYR(malaysian ringgit) i dont know how shippping cost is
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    inconsistent speed

    yeah me 2..nowadays my bike is really hard to get to 140kph..now only can go 120-130..why does it happen like that...is it the tires..i use the same std tires...